Iceland driving tips

driving tipsHere you will find useful driving tips for a pleasant and safe journey driving around Iceland.

You should be prepared well for your trip: carry a GPS or map and knowledge of the road and weather conditions are the best allies to avoid accidents.


Useful Information Websites:

Visit Iceland Information about Iceland
Safe Travel The official source for safe adventure in Iceland
Icetra Icelandic Transport Authority
Road Conditions and Weather Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration
Aurora Forecast Find perfect conditions to see the Northem Lights.



Weather may vary quickly in Iceland, so you will experience temperatures between 12º – 25º in summer to -10º to 0º in winter.


You should drive carefully and slowly over the mountain roads.They are often narrow and curvy so take care about speed.

Car rental

Cars are the most common way of transport in Iceland. You can rent many types of cars, from 4×4 to small cars. Normal vehicles will be good to go around Iceland but some places may require special cars like 4×4 or even greater vehicles. Be careful about hiring the suitable car for your destination.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is mandatory for all cars in Iceland, except from countries from the European Economic Area, in this case, the Green Card will be enough. If this is not your case, do not forget to hire an insurance for your car.

Fuel Stations

You will find filling stations in major towns and highways. Be careful you have enough fuel to reach the next station. Opening hours can be up to 22:00 – 23:00 in the majority of them.