Golden Circle Tour

Gullfoss waterfall at golden circle

What is the Golden Circle? The golden circle is a popular tourist route in Iceland. It covers the most stunning sights of the country and describes a loop of 300 km. (190 mi) starting and ending in Reykjavík. However, you could be able to enjoy this three great wonders of…

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Northern Lights Hunting

northern lights

What is the Northern lights? Northern lights are stunning natural lights displayed in the sky with wonderful colors. We can see them when the solar winds gets in contact with Earth’s atmosphere. For the people in Northern latitudes they are very usual. But probably for many of us who live…

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Ice Cave Tour

Ice Cave Jokulsarlon

What is an Ice cave? If you are planning a trip to Iceland you have to visit an ice cave. They are one of the many natural wonders of Iceland. They are formed due to flowing water below the glacier. Entering a glaciar cave is like entering into a crystal palace. Ice…

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Whale Watching Tour

whale watching in Iceland

Where to see the whales? Iceland is one of the best countries for whale watching in the world. Cold waters off the icelandic coast are the home of a great diversity of marine life. There are three main areas where you could take a tour to see the whales: Reykjavik´s…

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